Mar 7, 2012


Coffee is good. Coffee makes you go (in both the senses of "be active" and "pee"). Coffee is delicious. Or maybe coffee tastes like butt, but because I associate it with other good feelings, I no longer notice.

I will never understand fancy coffee. I don't do Italian words or Engtalian coffee shop linguistic creations. I don't even know what espresso is.

I like a good ol' drip from the trusty coffee maker in my kitchen.I drink it dark as night and sweet as sin.

What's your drink of choice?


  1. That`s not a simple coffee, that`s a cappuccino. I have had some barista work experience myself. I wasn`t really good at making great shapes. A somewhat okay heart was the best I made. This one is really great, though.

  2. I don't drink coffee. ;)

  3. All I can think of after seeing that picture is Star Wars haha