Mar 16, 2012

Social Networking Sites

Myspace is that guy who was in a band in high school and, a decade later, is still living with his parents and pretending to be a rock star.

Facebook is the cute young and successful college chick who got knocked up too soon, and spent her life trying to avoid her 5 kids by counting imaginary sheep on the farm in her head.

Twitter is the entire population of the Ritalin Generation.

Google+ is... hey, where'd G+ go? Has anyone seen G+? ...Nevermind.

Do you guys use any social networking sites? Do you use them grudgingly, because your friends insisted? Or do you spend more time on them than sleeping, like I probably do? 

Mar 7, 2012


Coffee is good. Coffee makes you go (in both the senses of "be active" and "pee"). Coffee is delicious. Or maybe coffee tastes like butt, but because I associate it with other good feelings, I no longer notice.

I will never understand fancy coffee. I don't do Italian words or Engtalian coffee shop linguistic creations. I don't even know what espresso is.

I like a good ol' drip from the trusty coffee maker in my kitchen.I drink it dark as night and sweet as sin.

What's your drink of choice?