Mar 16, 2012

Social Networking Sites

Myspace is that guy who was in a band in high school and, a decade later, is still living with his parents and pretending to be a rock star.

Facebook is the cute young and successful college chick who got knocked up too soon, and spent her life trying to avoid her 5 kids by counting imaginary sheep on the farm in her head.

Twitter is the entire population of the Ritalin Generation.

Google+ is... hey, where'd G+ go? Has anyone seen G+? ...Nevermind.

Do you guys use any social networking sites? Do you use them grudgingly, because your friends insisted? Or do you spend more time on them than sleeping, like I probably do? 


  1. I have accounts on Facebook and G+ but I barely ever log in. Don't really care about these things. However, I am pretty active on Reddit, but that is just to promote my own site.

  2. I only use facebook to talk to a girl. I hate social networks.

  3. I like the name of you blog haha! Following!

  4. Hey, the farm isn't just in my head.