Feb 23, 2011


Visits to the doctor are stressful occasions.

"Am I sick? Dying? Is the world ending? Is this covered by insurance? Why does my head hurt? Why do my balls tingle?"

And then THIS walks in and you suddenly realize that the tingly balls were just every man's less superheroic version of spidey sense kicking in - the nurse is here. She is every patient's pacifier and makes a terrible situation that much more bearable. She smiles, asks easy questions, holds your hand, and distracts your thoughts.

You no longer fear making an appointment with your doctor. You don't worry about little things like your mortality or finances. You stop trying to figure out if you can get life insurance with no medical exam. You WANT that medical exam, and you don't care if you get life insurance - this would be a good view to die to anyway.

Has anyone ever been lucky enough to have a classic sexy nurse, or do you always seem to get stuck with the  kindly grandmothers and fat men?

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