Dec 20, 2011


It's said that the word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly,' meaning 'many,' and the word 'ticks,' which are blood-sucking parasites. This would be an apt comparison if ticks controlled much of the world. As it is, they don't, so I'll take the little blood-suckers over the big cocksuckers any day.

In my view from the U.S., politics can be summed up fairly well in two words:

(Shirt from Threadless.)

Do you guys follow politics? Or is it all Greek to you?


  1. I follow politics because its nice to know what laws are being passed in the country that I live in because as a citizen, i am supposed to abide the law.

  2. Politics is funnier than religion. :D

  3. ^So true..religion is funny but politics is funnier to me.

  4. I follow since it's almost like a sopa opera (or at least here en México, where we have like 3 major parties and other 5 bloodsuckers)... Actually, I hate parties, but they give show and options :p

  5. =D I think it's funniest when religion and politics collide. I follow politics like I follow sports - we do drinking games for the debates on TV. We always drink at references to god.

  6. I've been getting a lot more into them lately, its funny how things turn out.